This site is dedicated to providing the Citizens of Enumclaw a way to keep informed on the actions of your City Council members; it’s not “for” or “against” anyone, even though this is an election year.

Your City Council members set policy for the City's Administration and it's operation; what they do needs to be shared and be publicized.  Their actions, comments, attendance, and voting history should all be scrutinized and sometimes even questioned.

You may ask why the City Administration isn't being tracked here.  It's the City Council members who are the policy makers, not the Administration; the Administration takes direction from Council.

Accordingly, this website identifies what each City Council member's attendance record is and what their past voting record for some critical items has been; it lists comments they’ve made in the past; it identifies various affiliations they may have, and it identifies any questionable or potential Conflicts of Interest, if any, that they may have.

The information listed on this site was identified by watching and observing previous year's City Council meetings and Budget Workshops, and from watching and observing the actions of the different Council members themselves.

To paraphrase what Rich Elfers said in one of his columns in the Courier Herald, if you are concerned or don't like what's occurring, don't be complacent, get involved and be heard. This website with the information, and opinions being shared is simply our way of getting involved.

For many years now we’ve watched City Council members vote on and support changes that primarily benefit their self interests.  The City's Code of Ethics states that Council members are required to represent all the people of this community, not just their self interests.

4 Council positions are up in 2017; so if you’re not pleased with how you’ve been represented by your Council members, then get involved, voice your concerns, and help make a change.

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